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Do you know the history of PRIM Logix?

Do you know the history of PRIM Logix?

The approaching holiday season is a great time to sit by the fire and let yourself be rocked by a story. Meeting with Etienne and Isabelle, who tell us about their investment software during a walked down Memory Lane   What I love about Christmas is the...

Temporary staffing agencies are essential

Temporary staffing agencies are essential

Why are temporary staffing agencies so important? In the recruitment sector, temporary staffing agencies takes a considerable place. Regardless of the total number of hours to fill, companies and the candidates are winning by using this type of service.  ...

9 Tips to Keep your Best Employees

9 Tips to Keep your Best Employees

"It often happens that HR directors face the situation where their best employees leave. They go to work for a competitor or they just change sector, often because of bad work conditions or a remuneration that is too low and did not evolve fast enough. To avoid...


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It's an integrated personal placement and recruitment solution developed for agencies and HR professionals. It covers the entire hiring cycle, and it's much more than a mixture of an ATS and a CRM ...

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