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Introducing PRIM Logix

Tailored to work your way.

At PRIM Logix, we believe that the human aspect is the most important aspect of staffing and recruiting. That is why, for over 15 years, PRIM Logix has been remodeling the staffing and recruitment industry by improving operational tasks, leaving you more time to maintain your candidate and client relationships.

Find the perfect candidate – PRIM Logix does the rest.

From profile management to transactions, through our application tracking system and our CRM, we do things your way. Our staffing and recruitment software is tailor-made for each of our customers to combine their working methods with our user-friendly interface.

For all types of recruitment.

PRIM Logix is an all-in-one agency management solution that optimizes the day-to-day tasks of your agency. Designed for permanent recruitment, temporary staffing agencies, scheduling and dispatch lists, PRIM is scalable and saves you time at all stages of your business processes.

Just like you, PRIM Logix is in perpetual movement.

Our development team continually improves our solutions to meet the current and future needs of temporary and permanent staffing. We listen to our customers’ recommendations and keep you up-to-date with new features.

Rediscover the meaning of efficiency.


Files management

Compile all of your candidate, customer or employee information in one single place: contact information, availability, historical data and more.



Customer or candidate relations tracking module.


Permanent recruitment (ATS)

Our automated application monitoring module uses your process, from the moment an application is received to the hiring process.


Temporary staffing and replacements

The call list module manages calls based on candidate’s availabilities and qualifications. Vacant positions are filled quickly thanks to mass calls, emails and SMS. Customer or candidate relations tracking module.



Allows you to generate gross salary data based on worked hours.



Preparation and management of timesheets



Allows the invoicing of staffing services given to a third party.



Allows you to calculate and produce raw data for commission payment to internal employees.


CV analysis

Automatic resume analysis system for quick candidate profile creation. Unlimited parsing.


Web Interface

Users have full access to the candidate, client or agency Web interface to manage applications, files and availabilities.


Online Support and Training

Integrated training centre to facilitate access and module usage.


Geolocated Time Stamp

Allows real-time tracking of employee entries and exits, with time display and geolocation at the time of data entry.


Management of multi-level paid rates

Allows the management and adjustment of rates billed to customers based on complex rate schedules and additions of all kinds.


Management of multi-level invoiced rates

Allows the management and adjustment of rates billed to customers based on complex rate schedules and additions of all kinds.


Work history management

Complete file on the work history of candidates within your agency, with the possibility of adding a number of hours worked certified by an establishment.


Preference History Management

See the appreciation between candidates and clients at a glance in order to always offer the best match possible.


Staffing and temporary replacement

Management of the complete recruitment process for permanent positions, with functionalities particularly well suited for temporary placement requests.


Management of grouped requests

Facilitates the management of multiple temporary shift requests including several schedules, several candidates and different functions for the same client.


Management of complex schedules (event management)

Facilitates the management of complex and multiple schedules, for example for the management of events.


Dedicated server

Your database is hosted on a dedicated server in a data center. No need to worry about infrastructure maintenance or security.


High availability of services

Services available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and maintenance scheduled outside of peak hours.


Personalized first level services

Personalized support and training according to your needs.


Other specific needs on request

Custom configuration according to your needs: and possibility to add automations or other additional specific behaviors to meet any particular needs.


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Why do you need PRIM Logix?

It's an integrated personal placement and recruitment solution developed for agencies and HR professionals. It covers the entire hiring cycle, and it's much more than a mixture of an ATS and a CRM ...

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