9 Tips to Keep your Best Employees

Jun 22, 2016

“It often happens that HR directors face the situation where their best employees leave. They go to work for a competitor or they just change sector, often because of bad work conditions or a remuneration that is too low and did not evolve fast enough. To avoid this situation, here are 9 tips to keep your best employees.”


1. Choose employees that fit your business values


To keep your best employees, it is important that they feel that they are at the right place. You can achieve that by sharing values, but also by hiring personalities that fit together. You can not count only on skills, you need to recruit employees that know how to work in harmony with other team members and that fit with the business values.


2. Valorize your employer brand


Recruiting cabinets and staffing agencies need to work on their employer brand to put forward their business culture and values. Companies can direct their institutional communication on their recruiting campaigns and their employer brands in general. This type of communication can attract new profiles and show the development projects of the enterprise. These different elements help hiring employees that will feel that their environment of work is valorized.


3. Encourage career development


Promoting internal recruitment is an efficient strategy to valorise your best employees. It is important to follow the employee’s career development in the enterprise. Good employees are held, and are pushed to reach their goals with more attractive salaries, greater responsibilities and a favorable evolution perspective.
To identify the desires and expectations of your best employees, the person in charge of HR can meet employees annually or biannually to develop an adapted career plan.


4. Offer training to valorize your best employees


Always in the optic of valorizing your best employees and giving them the opportunity to flourish in their careers, offering training is essential. They can be linked to their actual mission so they can handle their role better or it can come as an addition. Offered formation can also be linked to management with the goal of being promoted to a post with more responsibilities.

Training represents a good motivation to progress and get a promotion.

5. Know how to solve problems


In a team, disparities can emerge in the realization time of a task or in the quality of the final product. The best employees can bring up problems or questions about the team organisation or the final works. It is important to find a quick solution to these questions. As a matter of fact, the best employees could feel clueless in front of a project completed the wrong way or not completed by another employee!


6. Recognize the work that has been done


Deserving employees can feel the need to be recognized for their good work. They are one of the main resource of the enterprise and they insure its perenity. You need to take care of them. Complimenting the teams, their achievements and skills can motivate them again and make them join the workplace’s work ambiance.


7. Encourage to share ideas and opinions


For an enterprise or a staffing agency, putting an efficient internal communication system in place is primary. Encouraging a descending communication (from the leader to the employees) and ascending (from employees to the leader) results in transparency and proximity between managers and collaborators.


This communication can be made through team meetings, service notes, dedicated space on social networks or internal events. This will get the employees involved and will globally improve the work ambiance. The team can give feedbacks to the managers and the management team can take decisions knowing what the problems are.


8. Listen


Listening can become necessary for the enterprise : employees want to feel that they are acknowledged and that their advices are heard. Employees will most likely not tell how they feel, so managers need to detect the smaller signs of problems like overwork, demotivation or extreme fatigue. Listening to your employees advices can be particularly important when there are major changes in the sector or the enterprise, the office or the organisation.


9. Be an engaged leader


For the enterprise’s leader and his or her managers, sticking to the enterprise values and working methods is not enough. They have to embody it at 100%. They need to be reachable, honest and be fully integrated in the team. They need to participate at the same level as the employees to the meetings and business events. Employees will be happy about working with a manager that they know and appreciate.


To keep your best employees, two notions get in line. The retention, that acts on a short term, and loyalty that is more on a long term. It is important that HR takes account of these two aspects. The strategy in place to keep your best employees will be more efficient in the long term.


What other tips would you give to keep your best employees? You can share them in the comments section.


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