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PRIM Logix streamlines recruitment for agencies, offering a comprehensive solution that includes job offer creation, automatic resume analysis, and advanced search algorithms.

Its unique system refines searches for top talent, converting candidate profiles into client presentations efficiently. Designed for both large and small agencies, PRIM Logix combines ATS and CRM features to manage candidates and client relationships effectively, ensuring client satisfaction and improved recruitment outcomes.

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  • Job board integrated to your Web site
  • Module for job application and account creation
  • Advanced job offers sharing
  • Broadcasting of job offers
  • Self-service posting option for your clients
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Job board integrated to your Web site

The job board is the best way to enrich your bank of candidates. Once a job is created in PRIM, it automatically becomes available for publication in your personalized job board, integrated to your website. Our WordPress extension makes this integration easy. Feature some of the jobs posted to give them more visibility! Everything is updated without having to modify your website. Candidates will be able to easily search through active job offers using search tools such as keywords, location, or your predefined criteria.

Module for job application and account creation

A candidate is interested in a job offer on your job board? They can add the job to their favorites or apply immediately. Win in flexibility by offering the application methods that suit you so the operation is quick and intuitive for your candidates.

Here are the three applications methods available:


    • Automatic resume analysis: candidates can drag and drop their resume and that’s it!
    • Simple form: candidates who do not have a resume can fill in some basic information using a form.
    • Login to account: candidate who already have an account with your agency can simply login and apply.

Our user-friendly account creation tool allows the candidate who have a little more time to complete their profile, and thus access many more features in their portal.

Advanced job offers sharing

Don’t limit yourself to your agency job board; drive more traffic to your jobs by sharing them on well-known message boards such as Indeed, Talent and Google for Jobs. And who And why not share them in your social network news feeds such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? With PRIM Logix, it’s easy!

Broadcasting of job offers

Inform candidates that were matched through PRIM Logix tool about your job offers, either using notifications, SMS or emails. Broadcasts can be triggered by your users or automatically, depending on your preference.

Self-service posting option for your clients

Offer an additional service to your clients. Self-serve job offers allow your clients to take advantage of your reputation to post their jobs on your job board without you having go manage them. Your client pays for their posting according to your packages before publishing the job offer, and they manage their applications. Include in your packages some options with extra fees for the number of broadcasts and the posting duration in order to maximize your revenues.

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  • Automatic resume analysis
  • Profile creation wizard for your candidates
  • Validation and follow-up of information
  • Advanced candidate search tools

Automatic resume analysis

What could be better than a candidate profile that is automatically created by deconstructing the information contained in the resume? Win in efficiency by using our AI-based automatic resume analysis tool and have only a short validation to do following this accelerated creation. The analysis extracts for you the contact information, skills, work experience and education of candidates to present you with a standardized profile in PRIM Logix.

Profile creation wizard for your candidates

Your new candidates are invited to complete their profile using our creation wizard. This can include basic information, skills, preferences, availability, employment history, education, attachments (resume, cover letter, profile picture or other), etc. Win in flexibility by reducing the number of wizard steps if they are not necessary in your business processes.

Validation and follow-up of information

Your recruiters will be able to easily validate candidate profile information with our flexible resume viewer. They will also be able to follow each step of the file opening process by consolidating all tasks in our centralized tool.

Advanced candidate search tools

Wondering if a candidate in your database has knowledge of a software program you’ve never heard of? No problem! With our advanced search tool, you can search for keywords anywhere in the system: in the candidate’s profile, in their resume, in their cover letter, in their communication history, etc.

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  • Proposals via your bank of candidates
  • Application stages
  • Communications and history
  • Post-hire follow-ups
    ATS - Prim Logix

    Proposals via your bank of candidates

    Don’t just wait for new applications, let PRIM Logix do its job of matching candidates already in your active candidate database with the criteria defined in the job. You can also go further by doing more advanced searches yourself to find even more candidates.

    Application stages

    Our collects a wealth of relevant information to help you make quick decisions. Not only does each application progress through the predefined stages of your workflow, but you can quickly:

      • See the between the candidate’s residence and the place of work
      • See candidate’s salary expectations
      • And much more

    Win in flexibility and automation

    We can modify all our tracking mechanisms by adding or removing tracking steps, but also by making certain steps automatic according to various parameters. From day 1, you will notice gains in efficiency and satisfaction.

    Communications and history

    Any communication sent (or received) from PRIM Logix related to a job application is stored in the communication history of the application, but also in the candidate and client files. Your employees will gain satisfaction with a tool that centralizes information.

    Post-hire follow-ups

    Your goal is achieved when you hire, but it’s not over yet! Not only does PRIM Logix make sure you don’t forget to bill, but it also allows you to schedule follow-ups during your guarantee period. If there is a resignation or dismissal during this period, you will be able to pick up where you left off. Finally, PRIM Logix checks the warranty periods and clearly indicates when they are over.

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