Our team is made up of dynamic, competent people, always concerned with the quality of services and above all with customer satisfaction.

Etienne Paquette



Before building PRIM Logix, I worked in a development team with the Autorité des marchés financiers. It was then that a friend asked me to design management software for his agency specializing in dental placement.
When Isabelle and I are contacted by an employment agency, we understand that we have a card to play. PRIM Logix was born at that time and we have, for almost twenty years, developed our investment software according to the requests of our customers.
A great hockey fan, I like to share my enthusiasm and believe that success is a team affair!

Isabelle Caussignac



I joined PRIM Logix a year after entering Etienne’s life. I brought to this my experience, acquired during my bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering. Together, we took up challenges and brought our software to evolve and renew itself frequently, to meet the demands of our customers.
Responsible for the integration department, I maintain good relationships with clients and always make sure to troubleshoot them to ensure their satisfaction. Very close to my team, I take care that we all play in the same direction, in a friendly atmosphere.
“Retired” from the basketball courts after being nominated twice all canadian and member of the Quebec team in 1998, I leave sport an important place in my life: cycling and downhill skiing in mind, I also have other hobbies, such as knitting, travel, and reading. 

Genevieve Paquette

Accounting Technician / Human Resources


I am responsible for accounting, payroll, and HR. My brother Etienne, who was looking for someone he could trust, offered me this position at PRIM Logix. I already had a solid experience thanks to my university education combined with a mentorship in another family business in the food industry.
I am proud to contribute to the growth and dynamism of PRIM Logix, which brings me stimulating challenges and allows me to fully realize myself in the different aspects of my responsibilities within a great team and in a friendly atmosphere.
Balancing work and family life with 2 young children, I still find time for the Arts, whether it is going to the theater, reading a good book, or visiting an exhibition.

John Banith

Director of Business Development


I am responsible for sales and marketing. Everyone here is friendly and welcoming. There is no office plot. Employees collaborate towards a common goal and management gives us the tools to do our jobs well. A side of me that we know less about? I have a passion for singing and I like to sing along to karaoke parties!

Sylvain Beauchamp

Sales / Marketing Assistant and Graphic Designer


With many years of experience in computer science and computer graphics, I have been working since 1995 in the field of digital media and visual communications. I was thus successively immersed in a multitude of work environments where I quickly accumulated experience in various related fields. I have a great ability to easily adapt to different work environments and have found at PRIM Logix the opportunity to apply the skills acquired in my different spheres of experience.
I am constantly on the lookout for new technologies and the latest trends in the IT and / or mobile sector.

Damien Wipf

Writer / Trainer


French native of Alsace, having studied in Switzerland and traveled throughout Europe, I have been living in Quebec for almost 5 years: yes, I have a lot of accents, but also numerous stories to tell! And that is good: I’m here for that!
Trainer – Writer at PRIM Logix, I exercise my taste for pedagogy, my pleasure of writing and, always, my passion to transmit something.
An expert in anecdotes, I took advantage of fatherhood to occupy my sleepless nights: literature, movies, and bottle warmers. I always have words at my fingertips and music in my ears.

Jonathan Lessard

IT Technician


I graduated in Network Management with specialization in security. Following a job in an alarm system, my career took me to PRIM Logix where I found a job that really matched my field. I am responsible for the IT infrastructure and take care of technical support for everything related to the network. By nature, I love to learn and touch everything and my work at PRIM Logix allows me just that, in a great working atmosphere!
I am quite athletic and when I am not behind my workstation I am usually found in the mountains or on top of a climbing wall. I also cultivate a little artistic side which makes me love writing and, every now and then, a few karaoke songs.

Philippe Mori

C ++ Expert Programmer


* Text to come *

Bruno Pelletier

C ++ programmer


After completing my studies at Cégep de Saint-Jean-Sur-Richelieu, I helped a local business for a dozen years to support and improve its IT infrastructure. After working too long as the sole IT resource for this company, I found at PRIM Logix my place within a dynamic and very involved team, which helps me to perfect my knowledge. In addition, the team offers a relaxed working atmosphere, which makes you want to come to work every morning with a big smile.
When I am not working on software development, sport is very important: the Spartan Race-style obstacle course to keep me in shape, and the microbrewery marathon to pamper my taste buds.

Steve Bernais

Software and Technical Support Agent


* Text to come *

Frederic Bourdeau

Web programmer


I followed my father’s passion and teachings to study computer science.
I have been a web programmer at Prim Logix since August 2019. I felt at home from the first weeks of work as the team is welcoming and attentive to everyone’s ideas. It is a company in which we can laugh, while working! The involvement of everyone in business and development decisions is felt during the Friday team meetings, which also help build good relationships with colleagues.
Always passionate about video games, I like to both play them but also design them in my free time.

Sylvain Racine

Web programmer


I am the oldest web programmer in the company!
A programmer in my spare time since I was a teenager, I decided to make the jump into the professional world of IT in April 2016 at PRIM Logix, after more than 15 years in the field of surveying. Recognized for my dedication, I am the one entrusted with repair tasks on software developed for several years.
What interests me about PRIM Logix? The diversity of the problems to be solved and the possibility of offering a product that is useful to our customers. Here there is always room for new challenges. And thanks to the friendly atmosphere of the employees, there is no time for boredom!

Laura-Ann Godin



For a little over twenty years, I explored the vast world of software development. Whether as a programmer, analyst, team leader, project manager, scrum master, and even as an entrepreneur, I have acquired over time a solid experience in a wide variety of fields.
When I met Isabelle for the position of Software Integrator – SQL Expert at PRIM Logix, I felt the passion, pride, and dedication she conveys for her product, her team and her customers. I immediately understood that my place was in his team and that I wanted to be part of their success and allow clients to save time daily thanks to the configurations that I put in place. The challenge was great, but I had all the tools in my pocket to bring a lot to this great company: I said yes! And it’s a beautiful love story and great pride!

Melissa Coulombe



I have been with PrimLogix since October 2018 as an integrator. My main task is to be of service to customers: this is good, because my passion in life is to help people! Contacting clients is an aspect of my job that I really like and makes me want to come to work with a smile every morning. What I love most about PRIM Logix is the good team spirit daily and having the chance to work with caring people.
In my spare time I like to listen to music, cook, ski, I also like reading a lot.

Oleg Pavlov



I am an integrator and have been working at PRIM Logix since April 2018. This is my first job in Canada and Quebec, and I can say that it was a pleasant and friendly integration into the job market. From the early days and even now I have been working on interesting projects where I can use my knowledge base in SQL language and databases. The team is great and allows a great collaboration with competent and extraordinary colleagues.
In my spare time, I love to read and cycle with my children.

Marie-Eve Gauthier

Quality assurance analyst


I graduated in Biomedical Sciences and worked for ten years in the health field. For more than 5 years now, my career has branched out into the field of medical informatics. My versatility has allowed me to develop several areas of expertise, particularly in software quality assurance, by developing application tests, transactional websites, web services, API tests and third-party software integration. I also had the role of IT project manager, trainer and writer.

In my hobbies, I love taking computer classes to learn more. In addition, I am passionate about the outdoors. I love mountain hiking and kayaking.

It gives me great pleasure to be part of the great team at PRIM to provide you with a pleasant experience with the software and these application suites and to ensure that quality standards are always met.


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