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More than 90% of our valuable clientele work in the placement of mobile and temporary workforce. It is thanks to them and with them that we have acquired over the years a great expertise in this field, which has allowed us to develop a software solution covering all operations related to the placement of mobile and temporary staff.

The customer service request is at the heart of PRIM Logix’s temporary operations. As soon as it is created, the software springs into action and, within moments, searches for the best candidates to propose, based on multiple search criteria that you will have previously defined. The entire workflow that follows (assignment, customer and candidate tracking, timesheets, payroll, invoicing, payment tracking, etc.) will be managed and optimized by the software to increase your efficiency.

With PRIM Logix, no more oversights, double entries, or transcription errors. You benefit from advantages at every level!

service request


  • Creation of work shifts in batches
  • Punctual schedule
  • Recurrent schedule
  • Management of requests by event
  • Independent creation by your clients through the Web portal

Creation and management of service requests

Creation of work shifts in batches
Win in efficiency by using our ultra-fast batch creation tool to create independent work shifts in batches. This allows you to create similar shifts across multiple dates, for multiple candidates, in a few easy steps.

Punctual schedule
Does your client need someone for a few specific dates? Group those shifts into a single schedule and, using the scheduler, see at a glance who is available and track all dates in a single follow-up.

Recurrent schedule
Does your client need someone for a regular or rotating schedule that repeats over several weeks? Group these service requests into a recurring schedule and again, see quickly who is available and do a single follow-up for the entire schedule

Management of requests by event
The management of an event requires several different types of jobs, for several people, on various schedules? Group all the needs of an event in a single request to have a clear picture of the situation, an estimate of the costs of the event for your client, and a centralized follow-up.

Independent creation by your clients through the Web portal
Your tech-savvy clients will be thrilled to be able to create their own requests using the Web portal, cancel vacant requests, track applicants, and confirm assignments. Plus, with our various assignment methods, you might even have to be involved in the assignment process. You will have everything you need to set up a self-service platform for your clients and candidates.



  • Well-targeted applications
  • 3 assignment methods
  • Quick proposals with your custom templates
  • Follow-ups and tracking of applications and communications

Well-targeted applications

Based on multiple parameters such as

    • Skills
    • Availability
    • Elimination of schedule conflicts
    • Elimination of double shifts
    • Distance
    • Quality of the relation between candidate and client
    • Number of hours scheduled
    • Assignment history with client
    • Assignment history with specific departments
    • Candidate job preferences
    • And much more!

3 assignment methods

Win in flexibility : With our 3 candidate assignment methods, you can define a preferred assignment method for each job type.

Assignment by users in your agency: This assignment method is the most traditional and is always available. With this assignment method, your employees are the ones doing the assignment. This gives you the most flexibility in managing your mobile workforce.

However, to win in efficiency, you can use one of the following methods:

Assignment by the candidate: With the Web portal or mobile app, the first candidate indicating interest in a request for which he received a proposal will instantly be assigned to it.

Assignment through combined intervention of the candidate and the client: For an assignment to occur, both parties must have expressed interest in the application through the Web portal or mobile app.

Quick proposals with your custom templates

Once your list of candidates is generated by the planner, proposals can be automatically sent to your candidates and formatted according to your communication templates. Each recipient receives a personalized proposal.

Follow-ups and tracking of applications and communications

Whether your processes are simple or more elaborate, we can adapt your follow-ups to meet your specific needs. Don’t leave any follow-up unfinished and keep track of your actions, which will be visible to anyone with the proper permissions in your company.




  • Regular schedule or by date
  • Rotating schedules
  • Entry by the candidate on the Web
  • Quick entry with predefined templates
  • Management of unavailability with justifications

    Usual schedule or by date
    Let your candidates enter their usual availability, which will always be considered without you having to worry about it. Afterwards, candidates can manage exceptions by modifying their usual schedule for one or more specific dates. With this method, no more tedious and repetitive entries. Only the exceptions are managed.

    Rotating schedules
    Allow your candidates to manage their usual schedule on a rotating schedule, i.e. a cycle of availability that varies over a predefined number of weeks. Candidates with children in shared custody love this feature.

    Entry by the candidate on the Web
    Reduce the time spent managing the availability of your candidates by inviting them to enter it themselves in the mobile application or the Web portal.

    Quick entry with predefined templates
    The most frequent and useful availability schedules in your field can be defined as templates. With a single click, allow your users to fill in a complete week of availability.

    Management of unavailability with justifications
    You can draw up a predefined list of reasons for unavailability, allowing you to better understand the reality of each candidate. If you have difficulty filling a request due to a lack of available candidates, you can search among the candidates who have given a reason for unavailability that might leave room for discussion.

    feuille de temps


    • Regular schedule or by date
    • Rotating schedules
    • Entry by the candidate on the Web
    • Quick entry with predefined templates
    • Management of unavailability with justifications

      Geolocated punches
      Establish punch rules: time, distance, rounding, etc. Allow your candidates to report their arrival at work, their movements within a shift when required (home care, security, marketing, etc.), their unpaid breaks and the end of their shift. This is an essential tool to facilitate the entry of hours in timesheets.

      Entry of worked hours
      Your candidates do not have to enter their hours, because they are already pre-filled, either according to the geolocated punches, or the hours planned in the initial request. A simple validation, and that’s it!!

      Submission of expenses
      If you allow your candidates to do so, they may submit expenses such as mileage, meals, lodging or else.

      Supporting documents
      Expenses reported may be accompanied by an electronic document supporting the expense. In addition, some clients require a copy of an attendance book signed by an on-site supervisor. No problem, your candidate can attach it in their timesheet.

      Absence management and absence time banks
      You allocate a bank of hours for sick leave and vacation? Our timesheet module allows you to manage banks of absence hours by type. Let your candidates use them according to their needs, depending on the number of hours remaining in their bank.

      Entry/approval system for candidates and clients
      Simplify the validation of hours worked. Our system allows the candidate or client to initially submit the hours worked; the second person to visit the timesheet will then enter the approval and/or correction mode.

      Quick and efficient timesheet approval
      Once the timesheets are submitted to the agency, let the software point out the cases that need special attention. All other cases can be processed in batch with one click. The request is then ready to be paid and invoiced. A substantial time saving!


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