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At PRIM Logix, connectivity transcends merely integrating with various technologies. It encompasses fostering a harmonious relationship between the agency, its clients, and candidates.

The cornerstone of enhancing operational efficiency, alongside ensuring client and workforce satisfaction and flexibility, is the adoption of a self-service web portal/mobile app. Implementing the PRIM Logix self-service portal will elevate your agency’s services to unparalleled heights.



  • Candidate portal
  • Client portal
  • Attractiveness and metrics
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Candidate portal

Empower your candidates by offering them the most comprehensive web portal. Whether it’s for :

  • Manage their availability
  • Apply for a job
  • Apply for a shift
  • View their schedule
  • Punch in
  • Manage their timesheet
  • View their gross pay stub
  • Change their preferences and employee record
  • View communication history
  • And much more

Your candidates will appreciate being able to do so whenever they want. Your agency will now be open virtually 24/7.

Client portal

Let your clients decide when to interact with you. Don’t let them wait on the phone while you talk to another client. Offer them a virtual service desk where they can:

  • Create shift requests
  • Create job offers
  • Manage applications (permanent and temporary)
  • Follow their requests in real time
  • Manage timesheets
  • Track billing and pay invoices
  • Manage their preferences as an employer
  • View communication history
  • And much more.

Thanks to the client portal, your agency offers a 24/7 service. This allows you to always keep an emergency service open.

Attractiveness and metrics

Search engines are fond of authentic and realistic information. With PRIM Logix, you will have the ability to improve the attractiveness of your website by adding a lot of real time information from your system: job board, list of available temporary requests, statistics on the number of active candidates by type of job, available positions or filled requests. Any information PRIM has can be integrated into your site to improve your SEO, but more importantly the interest of your potential clients. Go even further by measuring the effectiveness and usage of your portal elements by integrating Google Tag Manager or Google Analytics.

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plateforme web


  • White label
  • Push notifications
  • Geolocated punch

White Label

Stand out from your competitors!

Offer your clients and candidates a personalized mobile application, with the branding of your agency:

  • Name the app as per your agency
  • Show your colors
  • Incorporate your logo
  • Customize the texts
  • Manage the data displayed according to your needs
  • Define security levels based on candidate and client groups to further customize your application
  • With a simple management interface, you will have full control over your application
  • PRIM Logix’s level of customization allows us to deliver to each of our customers an application that looks like them, without the exorbitant maintenance costs of an application developed from scratch. You get the best of both worlds!

Push Notifications
The mobile application gives you the ability to notify your candidates on their phones in real time about new job opportunities or anything else you deem relevant. You decide what notifications should be sent to your teams on the field and we do the work, isn’t that great?

Geolocated Punch
Are you asking candidates to give you real-time feedback at their workplace? Nothing could be easier with PRIM Logix’s mobile application; in one click, the punches (entry, exit, point of service, meal) will be recorded with the location. Allow teams that are on the move (home care, merchandisers, etc.) to notify you of any movement with additional punches. You will be able to see their progress during the day and view it on a map in real time.

To make your life easier, set up alerts based on various parameters that do not meet your business rules, such as punches made outside an acceptable radius or hours of the request (late, early, etc.). You will have the ability to manage exceptions.

job board


  • API (WEB service)
  • System connector
  • Exporting formatted files
  • Importing formatted files
    Interconnexion - PRIM Logix

    API (WEB service)

    Prim Logix offers a powerful API, which allows us to customize connectivity to any system you use. Modern systems now offer the ability to connect using REST services. With this in mind, we have structured our API module so that, if needed, we can add all the necessary connectors to enable you to automate and accelerate data exchanges between PRIM and your management systems.

    System connector

    Our desire to better serve our clients has led us to develop integrated connectors for certain accounting/payroll systems. The objective of this approach is to bring the operability of data transfers to another level.

    Exporting formatted files

    Our export module has been developed to provide flexibility. Coupled with our batch transaction transfer mechanisms, export management is simplified and prevents you from making accounting errors. Given the great diversity of accounting/payroll systems, and the fact that each of them has its own import data format, we rely on our ability to easily adapt to any file format. Whether it is for use with Excel or for sending to the accounting system of your choice, Prim Logix will give you satisfaction.

    Importing formatted files

    You will love the ease of use of our import module based on an Excel file structure. Create import batches of customer requests, candidates, etc. We have a multitude of information types that can be imported easily.


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