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Introducing PRIM Logix, the ultimate staffing and recruiting software designed to optimize your workflow and enhance efficiency. With a wide range of consulting services, we ensure that PRIM Logix seamlessly integrates into your environment, allowing you to work better and faster.

Our experienced team assists in defining and implementing new business processes, helping you stay ahead of the competition. By automating your workflow, we help you reduce your cost-per-hire, saving you time and resources. From change management to implementation, training, and ongoing support, PRIM Logix is here to empower your success. Join us and experience the future of staffing and recruiting.

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Project management

An enterprise management solution implementation usually follows a plan to ensure that all stages are completed.

PRIM Logix will assign a dedicated project manager who will work with representatives of the customer’s steering committee. This will ensure that all needs and requirements have been met.

Analyse des besoins - Prim

Needs analysis

A thorough needs analysis is crucial for the implementation of a new management system, its integration with existing systems, and the identification of required functionalities and benefits, possibly with input from the customer or a consultant. PRIM focuses on current needs, while considering future scalability and the easy integration of new functionalities.

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Business processes

Implementing the PRIM Logix system improves operations and processes. This helps define and implement effective business strategies. The challenge lies in making effective use of time savings after adaptation.

PRIM Logix ensures a competitive edge with its expertise and tools.

Implantation - Prim Logix


​PRIM Logix is customized for seamless integration into customer systems, including data migration and cleansing. The rigorously tested process ensures smooth transitions and minimal operational disruption.

Technology links automate data exchange, and post-implementation adjustments enhance software usability, allowing modifications while preserving system integrity.

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Training is available in two levels:
Users: Tailored for corporate users or specific departments, focusing on software operation and change management by a PRIM Logix expert to ensure successful implementation.

Administrators: Advanced level for “super users”, covering extensive use of modules and “train the trainer” concepts. Includes 24/7 access to an online resource center with helpdesk and training videos.

Support - Prim Logix


PRIM Logix offers multi-level support across various time zones for its web-based applications, including free technical assistance and 24/7 emergency support.

Clients can use the ticket management system on the website to report issues, get diagnostics, and solutions quickly. Server updates are also shown in real-time.

Sécurité et hébergement - Prim Logix

Security and hosting

PRIM Logix guarantees top-level data security by offering configurable multi-level access controls for teams, encrypting all communications and requiring biometric data for server access. The web-based ecosystem offers unlimited data hosting, redundancy and regular backups, ensuring the availability of information in a connected world.

Discover how PRIM Logix can revolutionize your staffing agency by providing a scalable, user-friendly platform that adapts to your evolving needs.

Contact us today to schedule a personalized demo or to speak with one of our experts who can answer any questions you may have.

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