The 5 most important elements when choosing a management software for your agency

Oct 16, 2017

You’re looking for a new staffing agency software?


For agencies, their management and staffing agency software is part of the everyday life. They must be mastered since they are used continuously. Having an incomplete or obsolete working tool may lead to a significant loss of time and money. In addition, it creates irritants for the employees, clients and the candidates. It goes without saying that when choosing a software for temporary staffing or permanent placement, specific selection criteria are in order to avoid this kind of situation. As the implantation is a complex process, the selection of an adequate solution now will avoid several problems in the future.


1. The agency management software must be adapted to your working methods.


You should not have to change your way of doing things to adapt to the Software. This can be difficult and would make it impossible to use it to its full potential. It is it who must adapt to your methods of work. Thus, each member of the agency can use it to the fullest. You’ll get a better return on your investment, while assuring you that users pass as easily as possible to the new system.


2. It must be flexible.


It must not be forgotten that your business will change and evolve through time. The software which your agency uses must therefore be customizable to adapt to your evolution. The tool will should always be up to date and a reliable way to manage the recruitment and placement of your staff. This is true, regardless of whether it is a software for temporary staffing, permanent recruitment or head hunting.


3. Your staffing agency software must facilitate the life of your employees.


The management solution used in your agency must improve its overall performance while reducing the workload for the employees. They must keep their speed of execution to maximize the rate of successful placements. That is why the software must not slow down the pace with additional tasks. The automation of recurring tasks and the relief of the clerical aspect will allow you to operate to your full potential.


4. The software used must be connected.


If your agency uses other solutions, such as an accounting software, they should be able to integrate with each other. In a few clicks, the different data in the systems used should be able to be transferred to keep a simple and efficient cycle of operation. This way, you can save time and maximize your performance.


5. It must be complete.


Finally, the chosen software must be able to encompass as many operations and functions as possible to avoid having to use other programs in parallel. For example, for some software, the CRM and the application tracking must be managed separately. Being able to do everything at the same location avoids the risk of errors or loss of information.


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