Communication within an employment agency

Sep 30, 2015

On a daily basis, employment agencies face multiple challenges. In addition to having to effectively communicate with candidates, an internal communication structure must be respected. This communication within the agency is a source of performance if it’s well controlled. So how can we maximize its effects on the company’s results?


For effective communication: speed


The contact between the employment agency and the candidate must be effective, and therefore rapid. But a lot of work has to be done upstream. The time taken by the various departments to process an application must be optimized in order to fill the position within the deadlines. This communication between the services must be cared for, using dedicated techniques and software.


Inter-employee chatting, personal messaging and the role of the different actors involved facilitate communication. This way, the files can be processed more quickly and advantageously for all parties. The company sees its position filled on time, the candidate clearly knows the job, and the employees of the agency are aware of the tasks to be carried out, and by who. Everyone wins.


Second motto: reactivity


This communication between the employees of the agency build a foolproof reactivity to. Indeed, each part (including the client firm, the employment agency and the candidate) must be reactive as to the actions of others. This ensures the effectiveness of the recruiting.


To support the staffing agency in its tasks, a powerful software is required! With this tool, agents are able to export data directly to the relevant department, such as exporting payroll to accounting software. This software, adapted to the specific needs of the staffing agency, allows a fluidity and a speed of the communications between these actors.


The effectiveness of the staffing and the agency itself therefore depend in part on this internal communication. Each agent represents an important part of the success of the filling.


Tell us more about your vision of communication within an employment agency. According to your experience, is it a sensitive subject, or on the contrary generally well controlled?


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