How To Conduct a Good Hiring Interview

Jun 3, 2016

“We know that a bad recruiting process can lead to considerable losses for an enterprise and have a negative effect on the whole team. To prevent that, it is important for recruiters to learn how to conduct a good hiring interview so that they can choose the right candidate for the job.”


1. Prepare the Interview


As for the prospect, recruiters must prepare the interview beforehand. They are in charge of holding the discussion, which means that they have to be ready to face any situation without forgetting the main objective of the meeting.


To have a concluding interview, recruiters must study with care the candidates’ resume and their motivation letter to find the positive points, the negative points or the questions they might have to ask. Each candidate is different, which means that the interview needs to be adapted to each and every situation.


2. Introduce the Enterprise and the Job


At first, recruiters have to introduce the enterprise and the job to the prospect. This can be harder than it seems because they have to sell the job to prospects while being realist about the fact that there are not only positive sides to the job.


When candidates get the job, they have to know what it is about and mostly, be ready to do the job they are asked.


3. Ask the Right Questions


Recruiters only have a short moment of time to size prospects and at the same time, figure if they fill the enterprise’s needs. With adapted question, interviewers will evaluate :


  • Prospects’ personnality : even if they have the skills, prospects who do not fit the business spirit will have trouble to integrate. On the long run, this can lead to loss of productivity for the employee but also for the rest of the team.
  • Skill’s level : a study on 2500 managers showed that 54% of them have seen false informations on prospect’s resume. To avoid that, we recommend evaluating the prospect’s skills and the truthfullness of the information on the resume beforehand.


Do not be scared to ask about sensitive subjects : candidates live far from the job? They might have health problem? Recruiters can not not risk having bad surprises and that is why they need to go straight to the point as soon as the first meeting occurs.


4. Be Objective


As recruiters, it can be hard to be objective under all circumstances. They are still humans, with their past, their experience and preferences, which can influence their decisions.


A third party helping during the interview is a good way to avoid a bad value judgement. A second advice can help finding new talent or, on the other hand, avoiding a difficult situation.


5. Conclude the Interview the Right Way


When interviewers are done presenting the job and the enterprise, that they asked all the pertinent questions and listened to prospects’ answer, the interview is almost over. We recommend asking prospects if they have any question. This helps clarifying potential grey areas.


As a conclusion, interviewers can share a first feedback to prospects regarding the interview. Under all circumstances, it is better to be honest and not give false hopes to a candidate that was not convincing.


As an interviewer, do you have any techniques to help yourself find the rare pearl? Do not hesitate to share your opinion and your tips in the comment section.


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