The upstream configuration of the staffing software, a real advantage for the agency.

Jul 20, 2015

An employment agency, depending on its specialty or that of the companies that call upon it, presents specific needs that the staffing software must satisfy. To do this, software configurations are often possible upstream for ease of use and to best meet the needs of the staffing agency. The software configuration possibilities are increasingly numerous and allow simplified staffing and a more structured organization.


Software configurations and security groups


Depending on the specific interests of each department of an employment agency, the information to which employees have access is not the same. For example, distribution employees only need a certain amount of information about candidates and business applications, while accounting staff need access to everything related to budgets and different amounts of pay. Thanks to a upstream configuration, management by security group is possible. In this way, each group does not have the same management of the information since certain sections are forbidden to them. Obviously, the configuration of the groups is adaptable according to the needs and the structure of the employment agency concerned. Moreover, by limiting the access of the users according to their use, this makes it possible to reduce the training time. A person responsible for distribution will not need to learn the functionalities related to accounting for example.


Configuration: many possibilities for more features


As regards PRIM Logix, safety groups are not the only configurations available upstream, since different settings are available.


For example, it is possible to access linguistic configurations allowing all client companies to work with the language of their choice. Thus, during the initial configuration, it is possible to leave the possibility for all users of the software to create alerts which may, for example, recall future deadlines or tasks to be performed. Synchronizing the software with an e-mail account is also one of the many advantages of setting up the staffing software.


A management software is above all a tool that must be at the service of an employment agency and that must meet the needs. The PRIM Logix team has grasped the challenges involved by proposing software configurations that allow tailor-made use of the investment process.


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