The employer’s brand: a real advantage in recruiting.

Jul 13, 2015

To value its staffing agency and attract more profiles, developing an employer brand can be an effective solution. This involves turning its agency into a full-fledged brand, and communicating via the brand name. It can highlight its values and create a stronger corporate culture. For the staffing agency wishing to launch this process, several aspects must be taken into consideration.


Why create an employer brand?


Create your employer brand has two main reasons, what are these reasons? As this will have repercussions both internally and externally. The creation must result from an in-depth analysis to identify problems.


Generally, there are difficulties:


Recruit candidates with the required skills;


To keep the right profiles in the staffing agency.


According to Linkedin, “83% of recruitment leaders recognize that the employer brand has a significant influence on the ability to recruit the best talent.” It is therefore necessary both to seduce the candidates, and to retain them so that they are involved in the agency. To do this, nothing like an attractive brand!


Its objectives


Employment agencies face challenges in terms of competition and recruitment of profiles. Creating its employer brand will position the company in a more attractive way while developing its reputation. The agency must know how to put candidates in confidence in order to face competition.


By presenting the agency’s values and defining the respective expectations of the company and the candidates, the employer brand will improve its reputation and differentiate itself from competitors.


All these factors will also contribute to hiring employees in the company, which will reduce the turnover of employees.


For what results?


The results for the staffing agency are relatively well defined: there is an improvement in brand awareness as well as new, more qualitative candidate profiles. In more detail, the employer brand increases the visibility of the staffing agency, and promulgates more credibility, both in its market and in relation to the future candidates. The company is unified and coherent, and its values are better defined.


As far as the human aspect of this change is concerned, the demands, expectations and motivations of the employees are better taken into account. There is also a strong sense of belonging, which has many repercussions: increasing the rate of engagement, reducing the turnover rate, creating and / or improving a corporate culture and a sense of well- Being in-house.


For an employment agency, developing its employer brand makes it possible to better take into account its employees, and to value them. The agency will thus be able to benefit from more candidates, with a more interesting profile. These profiles can then be managed via a specific software such as PRIM Logix: on-line registration of candidates, selective search according to the needs of the client, bundling of offers, etc. However, particular attention must be paid to the coherence of the The image first given externally when the candidate applies, then internally when it is an integral part of the staffing agency.


And you, staffing agencies, have you skipped the employer brand? What are the motivations behind this choice?


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