3 Challenges for Employment Agencies in the Digital Age!

Aug 26, 2015

Human resources are at the heart of a major digital revolution that affects staffing agencies all the more so that efficiency and quality of investments are not an option but an obligation. This technological upheaval thus implies great changes for the agents’ work. We see here the main challenges and some tips to survive the digital age.


1- Staffing at maximum speed


As users’ patience is now minimized, both candidates and client companies can no longer afford to wait. We want a fast and well done service.


In terms of staffing, dispatchers must contact candidates and react quickly. If before, we could do without an investment software, the expectations of the customers companies are such that it is currently impossible to dispense with specialized software to remain competitive.


2- A new generation of communication


An article in the Washington Post said this year that the millenniums no longer valued voicemail. This generation could even kill this technology for the benefit of texting! The truth is that the pace of life has changed dramatically in recent years. A majority of the population does not have a landline phone or even an answering machine.


Hence the importance for staffing agencies to adapt to the new communication habits of younger generation for maximum efficiency. In the case of PRIM Logix, for example, emails, Skype and even text messages were directly linked to the staffing software to facilitate communication between agents and candidates. There is thus a more favorable rate of positive responses, and at the same time, a faster staffing rate. A lot of tools are thus made available to the agencies, all that remains is to put them into practice!


3- Personalized service


Human is at the heart of digital. With the evolution of technologies, we are moving towards a more friendly, listening and ultra personalized service. Here, the efficiency of services thus begins with the satisfaction of candidates and business customers. They do not want to feel like numbers. On the contrary, they want us to care about their needs and put everything into practice to support them.


In an staffing software, this means more than a simple mechanics to replace the work of the agent, but rather a powerful and multifaceted tool to complement and support it in its daily tasks. The presence of a customizable and organized database is then a very useful option.


How to survive the digital age?


Employment agencies must keep up to date in the new technologies to ensure quality service to their client companies, but also to meet new expectations of candidates.


The use of good staffing software and the training of its staff in the various tools available to them are therefore a necessity that will bring great long-term benefits to your agency.


For your part, what are your fears about digital? We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.


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