Employment agencies, key players in supporting the health system.

Nov 3, 2020

Front-line actors in the fight to limit the spread of Covid-19, medical workers are however understaffed. As an essential partner, specialized staffing agencies can therefore provide an immediate solution. A discreet but decisive ally, management software can become an essential asset for them.


Face mask, hand washing, physical distancing… everyone’s daily life has been turned upside down in a few weeks by the Covid-19. The measures put in place by the various authorities, in Canada and the rest of the world, aim to protect populations by limiting the spread of the virus as much as possible. One of the major challenges for governments is at the level of health establishments.


In this sense, nursing staff are key players on the front line and their importance is regularly underlined. Images of people meeting at windows and balconies to applaud healthcare workers have traveled the world and initiatives of support and thanks have multiplied.

Applaudissements au balcon

In addition to this extraordinary support provided by the population, the current situation has also brought to the fore the need for additional staff. This observation makes it even more valuable to have recourse to competent and available personnel in establishments in the health sector.


In response to the crisis, the leading role of human resources.


Preserving the operational capacity of the health system is indeed one of the essential concerns in decision-making. These respond to several challenges, both in terms of people and institutions. This is, on the one hand, to protect vulnerable populations by limiting the risks of exposure, but also to limit the work overload of health personnel. On the other hand, congestion should be minimized by avoiding an uncontrollable increase in waiting time in the emergency services, as well as being able to maintain operations and consultations already planned and sometimes relating to important care.


Each of these issues highlights the leading role of human resources in the health sector. Taking care of and listening to a growing portion of staff in particularly high demand, meeting new needs, quickly dealing with short or prolonged absences: good human resources management is a key element in supporting the health system.


In this context, accelerated training courses for assisting personnel have been set up by the authorities to increase the available workforce within a few weeks. However, the expertise and skills of the employment agencies should also be considered in the allocation of existing talent, as well as future ones. Structured and already well accustomed to dealing with the realities of staff placement in the health sector, these agencies work daily to meet the needs of the sector.


The use of specialized agencies: a considerable advantage.


Placement agencies specializing in the medical sector already provided establishments with a significant portion of their staff. Active in the health system for many years, the permanent or temporary employment agencies are indeed a key player in supporting it. Their contribution is even more essential in the current context.


By employing a staffing agency, the employer of the medical sector is surrounded by a team of research and staffing specialists for the recruitment of its personnel. She is always in touch with the leaders of the various branches of the health network and can thus propose a pre-selection of medical personnel judicious and adapted according to the needs presented. This is a considerable advantage in terms of time and energy for the employer.


In order to provide an optimal framework for the work of nurses, private agencies have an obligation to prove their competence: their work experience, qualifications and availability. This makes it possible to reassure the employer on the one hand and to enhance the skills of the staff on the other hand.


In addition, the permanent or temporary employment agency ensures the follow-up in the establishment of its employees and keeps responsibility for the insurance and the safety at work of its personnel, according to the agreement. Moreover, the high risks of transmission of the virus make it necessary to take major precautions regarding contact cases and everyone’s movements. Therefore, the possibility of keeping a trace of nursing staff is a major advantage in limiting the spread of the virus.


Organization and efficiency: the contributions of a management software for nursing care.

In a context of a health emergency and a search for personnel, the placement agency can thus be considered a key player. Nevertheless, it is then essential for her to be well organized and efficient. The use of permanent and temporary placement management software allows the agency to perform both functions.


An essential ally of employment agencies, software offers reliability, speed and traceability: functions that are crucial to the performance of an agency and that ensure its sustainability. In a period marked by immediacy, having an integrated management tool is a prime asset for standing out from the competition and ensuring quality service is offered.


In addition, in a situation of staff shortages and the constant search for replacement solutions, the time savings offered by using software are undeniable. It is indeed through good management of its database that one can get the most out of connecting healthcare personnel and establishments in the health sector. While the particularly increased needs during a pandemic have highlighted this reality, it nonetheless remains an invariable feature of the mission of employment agencies.


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