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Temporary staffing

Assign your candidates faster with our planner, which considers availability, qualifications, preferences, distance, and many other factors.


The web portal and mobile app allow your candidates to quickly enter a variety of information: availability, geo-located punches, timesheets, preferences, job application, notifications, etc. 


Never lose sight of a candidate with our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It uses the steps in your process to ensure a personalized follow-up.

Integrated management

We offer a complete range of management tools integrated with operations, sych as a CRM module, task and remider tracking, communications (email, SMS, and telephone), invoicing, payment tracking, accounting exports and more.

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Why PRIM Logix is the number one choice for your agency?

Automatisation - Prim logix

Advanced automation

Free yourself from repetitive tasks. With PRIM Logix, reminders and confirmations are handled automatically, giving you unprecedented freedom to innovate.

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Increased efficiency

Match the right candidates to the right positions, whether contract, temporary or permanent, and reduce costs while cutting errors.

Flexibility - Prim logix

Unrivalled flexibility

Our configurable modules allow you to tailor PRIM Logix to your unique placement and recruitment processes, optimizing your workflow like never before.

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Integrated mobility

Stay connected at all times with our web portal and mobile application, keeping in touch with candidates and clients wherever you are.

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Optimal satisfaction

Spend more time providing exceptional service to your clients and candidates, increasing their satisfaction and yours.

Customized web and mobile portals

Years of business


Temporary placements



What our clients say

Testimonial - Prim Logix
Testimonial - Prim Logix
Testimonial - Prim Logix
Testimonial - Prim Logix

Let PRIM Logix simplify your work

Our software is meticulously crafted for permanent recruitment, temporary staffing, and agency management. Equipped with user-friendly features and prioritizing efficiency, PRIM empowers your team to enhance their daily operations, granting more time for interactions with candidates, clients, or employees. Encompassing job postings, applicant tracking, and invoicing, PRIM seamlessly handles every step.

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The most complete temporary staffing and recruitment software

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