Google My Business: how to optimize your Google Business Information?

Jun 30, 2021

As the competition increases, a good SEO on the Internet will play a decisive role between the success or the invisibility of your employment agency. Today, I will explain how to properly complete your Google information sheet.


Digital reputation is a key element of staffing agencies. We were talking about it here a few months ago,  e-reputation “includes both to the identity that it disseminates on the Internet, as well as the perception of users.”


In this article, I mentioned in particular “the double stake of staffing agencies“, obliged to convince, seduce, and reassure, through the same media, two different audiences: clients and candidates.


 But how can you boost your digital reputation? How to stand out in the middle of the most compact and dense crowd the world has ever known: the first page of Google search results, which one in two Internet users does not even exceed during his research?


In the beginning, there was nothing…


… And Google said: “Let there be light!”


Social networks play a crucial role in maintaining the digital reputation of a temporary and permanent employment agency but let us not fool anyone: all internet research today starts on Google, whose search page has even become the page. default home for most users. “Did you Googled this?” Like God, “Google” became Verb.


Above all, the Mountain View firm is not limited to a search engine: like an Alpine chain, it draws the horizon with its imposing peaks: messaging tool, mobile operating system … or even a tool for managing its digital business showcase.


What is Google My business?


Google My Business is a tool for managing the digital reputation of one’s company based on data collected and transmitted by the search engine. On its site, it says: “With a Google My Business Account, you get more than a business listing. Your free Business Profile lets you easily connect with customers across Google Search and Maps.


The great idea behind this concept is to bring together various relevant information in one place, easy to access, and allow you to interact with one click to refine your search. What saves time for the Internet user is also a gain in visibility for the company which knows how to set up its window. And becomes a crucial issue when it comes to visibility.


What should I show on my Google Business Information?


Understanding the Google information sheet in 10 points:


Capture d'écran de la fiche information de PRIM Logix



Because this is the first visible element, which primarily captures the attention of the Internet user in their search, it is important to make sure that these photos represent your company and its image. Is your logo prominently featured there?

Please note: if the owner of the Google My Business page can download the visuals of their choice there, other users can also submit images: regular monitoring is therefore recommended to avoid the presence of an unwanted visual.


One of the sections is also dedicated to a photo of the exterior of your address, because a storefront, whether real or digital, is first and foremost a facade. The image shown is generated by Google Street View. If you have correctly located your address on the map (see point 2), this will not pose any problem.



What a great tool! A map, in 2021, not only allows you to locate a place, but also, with a single click, to be redirected to Google Maps to get the route to follow to reach you. All from a phone! So, make sure that the address shown is up to date and that the location on the Google Maps application is accurate to the nearest meter. You would not want the resource looking to come to your office to spin around the neighborhood multiple times.

The Directions button below also redirects the user to Google Maps.



This is THE essential button in your digital strategy: the one that will turn a Google search into a visit to your site. And the icing on the cake is that you decide which page visitors will be redirected to. You should properly work your home page! Is your site changing address? Remember to modify it here too!



Imagine that before entering a restaurant, you could consult its guestbook on the edge of the door. This is the function of this section, which therefore has a major impact on your digital reputation. A bad score or negative comments will have a direct and non-reversible impact on your image.

A classic but effective tip is to ask clients or candidates to leave a positive review to increase your score. Everyone does it: why hesitate? It is also essential to consult this section regularly, to respond to comments – whether positive or negative – and / or to moderate them.



This section is directly generated by Google and indicates your area of activity and your location.



Like a directory, this section provides information relating to the contact details of your agency. It is therefore important to keep them well informed, but also to update them with each change!



Make sure to include the correct hours, but also to consider vacations and holidays.



In the case of a search by smartphone, this number can be dialed in one click: there is nothing more attractive for someone who has therefore entered this information correctly.



Through this link, Internet users can suggest a modification, but also inform you of a problem with your listing. However, no modification can be made without your approval.



By clicking on “Ask a question”, the user can write a question which will be sent directly to you. Little used in general, this section has the potential to transform your page into a real interactive forum that will add added value to your image as well as to your reputation.


BONUS: A Business Information Profile for each branch!

Did you know? Google My Business allows you to create and manage multiple information sheets for the same company, which is essential if your agency has multiple offices!

So, make sure you fill in the correct information in the address, phone number and, if applicable, opening hours fields. In addition, even the website address may vary from one information sheet to another: ideal if your agency specializes in several distinct resources!



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