Humanizing technology, is it possible?

Oct 5, 2021

Recruitment and placement agencies navigate in an industry that is driven by technological advancements and human interactions; the two elements must work hand in hand to provide the best experiences for candidates and also for recruiters.


Technology can help recruiting professionals achieve a higher level of success. But what about the human behind it all?


Putting good judgement before anything else


Take for example the applicant tracking systems or ATS. The automation of the placement process promotes the selection of qualified candidates who perfectly match the criteria for a given position. So far so good. But what about candidates who are equally competent but who have passed through the nets of the system?

Current placement practices are, to a point, effective, but can sometimes miss very attractive candidates. Thus, the efficiency of the process is favored to the detriment of the candidate experience.


As we all know, the journey of a job seeker is not the easiest and some may feel helpless and frustrated at not being considered. PRIM Logix software offers features that allow recruiters to consider more personal criteria of each candidate and thus further humanize the placement process. To do this, it considers the personal preferences of the candidate (particular requests, interests, level of satisfaction after being placed, etc.). This allows for a greater perspective on the candidate’s potential without looking coldly and solely at technical skills.


These parameters lead to a more relevant and pleasant placement for both the candidate and the client company.


Adapt to the digital age


The development of new technologies is profoundly changing our lifestyles as well as our ways of communicating and exchanging with one another.


n the face of the digitalization of our society and the ever-increasing demands of companies, the place of the individual in the field of investment seems to be shrinking. And to think that it takes more technology than people in the investment world is surely not a good idea. The reverse will not give optimal results either. A well-balanced mix of the two would be ideal, that is, both technological efficiency and human judgment are needed.


Humanizing the placement process does not mean reducing the use of technology, but rather improving the candidate experience. And this involves, among other things, the implementation of user-oriented software focusing on optimizing exchanges between employment agencies and candidates.


PRIM Logix allows you to communicate with candidates according to their preferences, whether by phone, email, SMS or directly in their account on your web platform. By equipping your recruiting teams with PRIM Logix, you can save your teams time and find the best candidates through the most relevant channels.


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