Are you looking for new clients? Those 3 email templates are specially designed for your staffing agency.

Nov 2, 2021

Halloween is now behind us. And it’s still a bit early to start revising our Christmas carols. So now is the perfect time for an email marketing campaign to your prospects. How about some tips on how to write powerful prospecting emails this year?


It still seems far away, yet it is approaching much faster than we would like to believe. Is it? It’s the end of the year and its traditional period of slowing down marketing activity, during this interval during the holiday season, which the French call “la trêve des confiseurs” (literally : “a truce for the confectioners”).


Before this happens, there is still some time to make some contacts with prospects and start a relationship that could perhaps prove fruitful when the holidays come around.


So why not use the next few weeks to launch an email marketing campaign to communicate with your future customers?


Have you read our Best Practice Guide on email marketing?


I revealed that email remains the preferred medium for marketing operations, with an opening rate of 21% in Canada, which is 4 points more than our neighbours to the south.


Above all, I reminded you of this figure from a McKinsey study, which stated that email marketing remains 40 times more effective than social networks in attracting new customers.


Today I’d like to put this information to good use and offer temporary or permanent staffing agencies 3 email templates to gain the trust and engagement of your prospects.


But first, let’s review some basic rules when it comes to writing to a prospective client.


Do you know these 3 key elements that influence the opening of emails?


Sending an email is simple and – usually – free. But for this email to have a good return on investment (ROI) certain rules must be respected. Firstly, it is important to know the decisive elements that separate a successful campaign from a failed one.


  • Is the sender known? An email address that inspires trust greatly increases the chances of your message being opened.


  • Is the subject line well defined? Even a small business receives an average of 30 to 50 e-mails a day, at least a third of which are advertising. The title of your e-mail is therefore not only a way of making a good first impression: it becomes a determining factor in whether your e-mail is opened.



By respecting these first three rules, you will increase the chances of your email being opened. But that’s just the beginning: now you must make sure that they will be read!


Have you thought about these 5 “little things” that make your email marketing successful?


    • Reading time: It goes without saying that the reader of your e-mail is very busy. And that his time is as valuable as yours. Marketing experts agree that you have 3.30 seconds to capture their attention. After that, every second counts: your email must be structured, straight to the point and make the reader want to read on with each paragraph.


    • Gain : “What’s in it for me?” This desire to read, which you have succeeded in arousing, is maintained by the gain that your correspondent will get from it. They must be able to see quickly and clearly what they stand to gain from reading your e-mail and, above all, from taking action.


    • Presentation : you have defined your prospect’s gain. You also have structured your text to make it both enjoyable and easy to read. But have you thought about varying the presentation? For example, you can vary the font to emphasise headings or points. But the verb is not everything! Martechadvisor pointed this out back in 2017: using videos in an email increases engagement clicks by 300%!.
      Though, you don’t need to master video editing software to send an email: a simple, well-placed GIF is enough to capture the reader’s attention. Be careful, however, not to make your email too heavy, which will slow down its loading speed and bring us back to point No 1. So, try to keep the size of your animated file to less than 0.5 or 1 MB.


    • Personalization: You have personalized the subject line of your email, and this has aroused the curiosity of your prospect? Congratulations, you’ve scored points. But then imagine how much they would lose interest if they found an email that was hollow, tasteless and, most importantly, looked like any other anonymous email they’d received. A recent privacy report published by Smarterhq revealed that “72% of consumers say they will only engage with messages that are relevant to their interests”. So go ahead and personalise your email, from the header to the closing.




3 email templates for prospective clients of temporary or permanent staffing agencies.


1. The email that provides solutions:


Benefit: as a solution provider, you instantly earn points in the “earnings” category.


2. The email that highlights your problem-solving skills:


Benefit: by using concrete examples, you demonstrate your expertise as well as your ability to respond to specific needs identified by the prospect.


3. The email that accompanies a prospect’s success:


Benefit: This email plays on the prospect’s recognition to suggest that they take advantage of a recent business success to grow, thanks to you. It also establishes your staffing agency as an authority figure, to which other clients can attest.



Did you know?


PRIM Logix is much more than just an Applicant Tracking System (ATS). Its advanced features also makes it an excellent Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.


With PRIM Logix, you can not only create and customize your email templates, but you can also send them in 3 clicks and keep track of your communications so that you never lose any information about your prospects.


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