Specificities in the medical sector for employment agencies.

Jun 26, 2015

Medical institutions frequently use temporary help from agencies for a portion of their staff. Since the introduction of regulation which forces hospitals to try to hire nurses, employment agencies have only a short period of time to fill positions.


The principle is simple, depending on the urgency, the time allowed to fill positions will be more or less. Sometimes the agency has 5 minutes to fill the position before the offer is then sent to the second agency and so on. The agency that fills the position the fastest wins the stake!


Recognition of the staffing agency by the medical sector


The introduction of regulations governing invitations to tender for the staffing of nurses is intended to improve certain practices in the staffing of medical personnel. Indeed, this allows the employer to do business with a recognized agency in order to recruit qualified and available personnel. The order established by the tender for a region is defined according to the capacity of the agencies to be filled quickly.


Confirm the skills of medical staff


In order to provide an optimal framework for the work of nurses, private agencies have an obligation to prove their competence: their work experience, qualifications and availability. This makes it possible to reassure the employer on the one hand and to enhance the skills of the staff on the other hand.


Private agencies are also required to ensure continuity with their staff so as not to demobilize them.


Benefits for the Employer


By employing a staffing agency, the employer of the medical sector is surrounded by a team of research and staffing specialists for the recruitment of its personnel. She is always in touch with the leaders of the various branches of the health network and can thus propose a pre-selection of medical personnel judicious and adapted according to the needs presented. In addition, the agency ensures the follow-up in the establishment of its employees and keeps responsibility for the insurance and the safety at work of its personnel, according to the agreement.


This is a considerable advantage in terms of time and energy for the employer.


Using software to make life easier!


In order to meet the deadlines imposed by tenders, it is essential to be well organized and efficient. The use of management software should enable the Agency to perform both functions. An important advantage of PRIM Logix is the ability to set countdowns to fill a position. Upon receipt of the request for a position, the person in charge of the distribution between the criteria sought by the health facility, in PRIM Logix. Depending on the region and the specifics of the tender, the countdown can be triggered and indicates the time allocated to fill the position. A color code indicates the remaining time according to the emergency. Subsequently, a performance report can be generated to determine the average time taken by the agency to respond to requests. PRIM Logix is a management tool that provides crucial functionality to an agency’s performance and ensures its continuity.


Are you an staffing agency specializing in the medical sector? Do not hesitate to call on PRIM Logix and benefit from a software perfectly adapted to the requirements of the staffing in the health sector!


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