Prim Logix Web Portal: Streamline Workforce Management

Sep 28, 2023

Welcome to this article where we will explore in detail the Prim Logix Web Portal, an innovative solution designed to revolutionize workforce management. In an environment where placement agencies, candidates, and clients come together, PRIM Logix simplifies workforce integration.


A dedicated web portal for clients and candidates


A unique management software


PRIM Logix is specially designed for placement agencies. It provides a unique platform where clients, candidates, and agencies can collaborate seamlessly.


Intuitive experience for clients


Clients benefit from an intuitive experience with a centralized dashboard. They can see in detail the number of candidates, temporary and permanent shifts, as well as hours worked. More transparency means more control.


Candidate tracking and transparent management


Detailed candidate tracking


PRIM Logix allows agencies to track each candidate in detail. Availability, skills, preferences, everything is under control to ensure perfect matches.


Temporary and permanent shifts


Whether it’s temporary shifts for specific projects or permanent shifts, PRIM Logix handles everything with flexibility.


Simplified billing

With a transparent overview of fees, PRIM Logix eliminates surprises. Agency billing management is now a breeze.


Contractual documentation and essential information


All in one place


All contractual documentation and essential information are centralized. No need to search, everything is there.


Simplified shift requests


Clients have the option to make shift requests directly to the agency. Communication is made easy.


Optimal collaboration and reliable shift confirmations


Transparent collaboration


PRIM Logix promotes optimal collaboration between businesses and potential talents. Each proposed shift is based on a deep understanding of specific needs.


Reliable shift confirmations


With PRIM Logix, you can be assured that the candidates offered are competent and qualified. Trust prevails.


Revolutionize your workforce management


By choosing the PRIM Logix Web Portal, you will discover efficient workforce management and enhanced synergy between your company and potential talents. Leave nothing to chance in the personnel placement process. Order now and revolutionize your workforce management.





What makes PRIM Logix unique for placement agencies?


PRIM Logix offers a unique platform that seamlessly integrates agencies, clients, and candidates, simplifying the placement process.


How does PRIM Logix simplify workforce management for clients?


Clients benefit from an intuitive experience with a centralized dashboard, complete transparency on shifts, and ease of communication with the agency.


How does PRIM Logix ensure perfect matches between candidates and shifts?


PRIM Logix allows detailed tracking of candidates, from their skills to their preferences, ensuring optimal matches.


How does PRIM Logix guarantee reliable shift confirmations?


By offering competent and qualified candidates, PRIM Logix provides reliable shift confirmations, eliminating guesswork.


How can I get PRIM Logix?


To schedule a demo: Demo 1h via Microsoft Team