Recruitment, a Matter of Seduction?

Mar 24, 2016

Above all, recruitment is about attracting new talents, not just picking someone from a list of candidates. The choice has to come from both sides: recruiter AND candidate. Therefore, how can companies convince the best profiles to join them? This is where the seduction starts.


Work On Your Employment Brand


Companies often think about their brand image as a way to attract new customers or clients. However, this image plays an important role for recruiting strategy as well. Besides a strong identity, companies need to communicate about a clear HR position, so that they can target the best candidates according to their needs.


The seduction phase is actually a communication strategy simply stating the reasons why candidates should work for you rather than any other companies. Communication contributes to the construction of your employment brand and creates a positive perception of your company as an employer, both internally and externally. This perception is based on both subjective elements and objective proofs, such as employer prizes for example.


Indeed, awards such as Great Place to Work and Top Employers can strengthen your employment brand and may allow you to attract new candidates.


Bring an Affective Dimension To Recruitment


Different information can appeal to potential candidates in a job offer. Besides the position and associated missions, as well as the company and potential employer prizes, a friendly work environment can be a decisive factor for some.


Indeed, candidates do not seek the same working conditions as they used to do. The new generation wants to combine professional and personal life, which requires some adjustments from HR managers.


In order to meet these new expectations, some companies now create an employee representative committee, organize seminars or other events to bring their team together. This is not only for big firms! In some cases, a friendly business environment is already a big step and can lead to great outcomes.


As a part of the seduction process, some companies promote the working atmosphere through their way of hiring new resources. There is nothing better than a dress up party to get to know candidates!

Keyrus Group – Recruitment afterwork

Think About Life Balance


New business models bring forward the matter of private life at work. Employees’ life is made easier by offering new services such as a laundry room or a gym at work. These services are also a way to attract new candidates.


Employees are not the only ones to benefit from this well-being based system. Some companies have already understood that these resting moments can increase productivity, cohesion and collaboration between team members. Besides, such measures are not necessarily costly: a small space where employees can express themselves, share or have lunch can be enough. When it comes to recruitment, these services bring added value to your company and differentiate it from competitors, a good seduction start!

Ogilvy & Mather office in Jakarta

Do Not Push it Too Far!


Here is the challenge: seducing candidates is key, but not by distorting your business reality. The candidate has to choose your company for its values and corporate advantages, which ensures maximal involvement and motivation.


No need to show an endless list of advantages, employees might be disappointed if what you show during the “seduction” phase is not in line with reality. Do not forget that recruitment is the beginning of a collaboration: seducing the candidate is just one step of the process, before integration begins.


Do not hesitate to share your advice on HR seduction, we might fall for you!


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