The advantage of having a database rich and easy to manipulate.

Aug 7, 2015

As the job market becomes more and more competitive, finding the ideal candidate requires an ever-increasing level of attention and expertise for employment agencies.


In order to meet the demands of ever-increasing competition, companies must be surrounded by the best possible collaborators.  It is the role of employment agencies to be able to offer a qualitative panel of candidates capable of satisfying the demand in a minimum of time. Having an efficient and reliable database is therefore crucial for the staffing agency. We explain today the advantages of a rich and easy to manipulate database :


A competitive advantage


Constant technological change, globalization, increasing demands for skills and career paths, the aging workforce and the greater diversity in the labor market. Employment and increasing competition. Finding the right workforce is the most important competitive challenge for employers today.


Without this skilled workforce, companies can not keep their place on the market.


To respond to this intensifying competition, employment agencies must be able to present the candidate best suited to the needs of the company. To do this, having a database that is0 as rich and effective as possible is a considerable asset.


The PRIM Logix software is equipped with an attractive and easy-to-use interface that adapts to the needs of the agency by allowing the creation of databases indexed according to the chosen criteria. Being more efficient and allowing to register in a few clicks the candidates corresponding to the profiles sought and available, there are some notable advantages of PRIM Logix.


A powerful management tool


A database is a collection of data stored and shared in a central location, from which the information can be retrieved. In order to be able to find the ideal candidate quickly and efficiently, even at the last minute, it is necessary that the candidate profile was configured optimally.


PRIM Logix makes it possible to find and manipulate the content of the database in an intuitive and effective way. A sophisticated parameterization system that allows you to adapt, even to the smallest detail, to customer specific requests. You can specify your searches and distinguish yourself through a configuration that allows you to integrate your own parameters, such as the willingness of each candidate to perform specific tasks and his references during previous replacements.


A well-defined database tool allows faster, more relevant staffing.


All information available


To adapt to the changes in the database, it is important that it be managed effectively. With precise settings and intuitive management, it is easier for staffing agencies to present an exhaustive overview of each candidate including: contact details, availability, status, salary, criteria, references, assessments, etc. And thus allow the company to have in its possession a maximum of information to make its choice.

Is your company looking for a better management solution for its database? Do not hesitate to contact our teams to advise you.

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