Staffing Agencies: Specificities for Hotels and Restaurants

Nov 12, 2015

The catering and hospitality industry is a real challenge for employment agencies. Indeed, legislative requirements and the constant renewal of trends in cooking and hospitality make the work of staffing agencies even more complicated.  PRIM Logix makes a point today about this particular sector.


Providing pragmatic solutions


The exponential development of competition and the inconstancy of the missions in the hotel industry require now more technicalities in the recruitment of personnel. For companies in the catering and hotel industry, the recruitment of specialized personnel is an eternal beginning. With PRIM Logix, your company benefits from a solution with great advantages:


  • Time saving

The responsiveness of PRIM Logix saves time and ensures the quality of the candidates’ correspondence to a position.  Thanks to unrivaled expertise and technology to meet the constraints of speed and compatibility.


  • Cost reduction

In addition to reducing the costs associated with the staffing process, PRIM Logix helps you avoid the costs that happen when you haven’t found the right staff in time.


  • Efficiency

Beyond the advantages of time saving and cost reduction, in a sector as versatile as catering, the database of candidates must constantly be enriched and renewed to meet the needs of the client. PRIM Logix helps you to keep your bank easy to handle and your candidate informations up-to-date.


  • Increased understanding of the restaurant business

Connecting employers and catering professionals with their expectations and compatibility remains a priority. That is why, through effective software, the staffing agency will analyze the position to be filled by establishing with the company the tasks to be accomplished by the employee, the desired results, the employment context, Equipment to be handled, etc.


Adapt to the realities of the catering and hospitality industry.


For an agency, a good staffing is first and foremost a meeting of objectives. Beyond selecting a good curriculum vitae, it is important to understand and match the goals of the company and the future employee. In the hospitality and catering industry, this process is even more true. Indeed, the skills of a candidate are essential but the personality of the candidate is just as much, due to the proximity with the clientele.


This is why it is essential for the staffing agency to implement a selection process precise and adapted to the needs of the company.


Opt for efficiency in your investment and management of service and / or kitchen staff, with PRIM Logix solutions!


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