The specificities of staffing in security.

Oct 27, 2015

Over the past three decades, the security industry has grown considerably. This growth was characterized by a greater volume of business, a diversification of its activities and an increase in the number of actors involved.


This development offers interesting growth prospects for human resources and staffing agencies. Here are some characteristics for the staffing in this sector.


A staffing subject to more diversity and existential security demand.


What is security? In the end everyone thinks they have an answer to this question without really having any. Between internal security and contractual security, the evolution of live events, the job market in security faces a very wide range of offers.


A sector more than interesting for employment agencies since it should persist and diversify even more in time. With the emphasis on innovation, technical progress, crime control and business creation; safety has never been as important in our society.


An investment that requires speed and pro-activity.


The security sector appears to be increasingly linked to events, so there is a real demand for short-term contracts.


The field of security is also subject to a form of emergency for certain seasons or many events and structures that wish to enhance their security. Particularly during the holiday season, summer festivals, the National Day, etc. Again temporary jobs can become difficult to manage.


A placement in compliance with safety standards.


We never repeat it enough, we do not laugh with security! This is certainly one of the areas most subject to law enforcement regulations, and investment agencies must therefore take into account the standards specific to the law.


Thus, to be eligible, an officer will have to meet standards like trainings and behaviors of an agent.  For comparison, there are almost 24,000 people in Quebec who hold a security and investigation officer’s license, compared to 15,000 police officers.


With so many choices, the selection of staff will very often depend on the experience of the candidate and the satisfaction of his former employers. Hence the importance for placement agencies to have in hand a personalized and rigorous ranking tool that takes into account the training, the capacities and the experience of the candidates.


How to adapt to the realities of the security sector?


The field of security is certainly imposing and complex for employment agencies, requiring an adapted service. A complete and reactive software that will allow the agency to optimize its operational process become crucial.


With PRIM Logix, you will have in hand an efficient tool that will allow you to categorize your candidates according to the needs, standards and regulations of the sector. In addition, you can easily note the preferences and demands of each candidate and business client, for example: preference for the working season, schedules, distances to be covered.


To learn more about PRIM Logix software and how it can help your agency to adapt better to the security sector, please contact us.


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