Staffing in transport: follow the movement!

Nov 13, 2015

The staffing of personnel in transport: what are the challenges? How to be successful in this field with an international vocation.


Target transportation for an investment rich in opportunities.


The transport sector is subject to numerous requirements, be it technical, wage, practical, competitive, security or legislative. This sector is directly linked to the fluctuations of the economy: the economic crisis of 2008-2009 had a strong impact on the sector. This field is thus intrinsically moving, while being affected by external factors. With revenues in excess of $ 10.8 billion in 2013, Quebec’s road transport industry is a true economic engine in Quebec, both in cities and peripheral regions. In figures, there are 45,000 companies employing 280,000 people in all categories. On the basis of these data, it is clear that this sector has a very high investment potential. However, in order to exploit it, it is necessary to be able to meet various challenges.


An investment, challenges…


In an area where time and money dominate, efficiency is the key word. Indeed, successfully reconciling opposing data in this road time-trial requires know-how and precision. When it comes to staffing, the situation is all the more tense as the demand for professional drivers and drivers is strong, and the trade requires professional qualifications and personal qualities. Some are general, such as experience, availability, driver class, quality of driving record, while others are more specific. For example, the transport of hazardous materials requires certification or that insurance premiums are higher for those under 25 years of age. Not to mention that no transport mission resembles another. Each one brings its share of constraints: border crossing, tight deadlines, nature of the load, type of vehicle. Many parameters must therefore be taken into account.


An investment solution at the top!


This is where PRIM Logix comes in! A real multi-tasking interface, the PRIM Logix software allows to meet different requirements, in tense flow. Let us specify and summarize. In transport, each mission is unique and requires a candidate with a specific profile. With PRIM Logix, placement agents have the tool that will allow them to quickly find a driver available on the dates indicated and presenting all the skills and abilities sought. At the same time, they manage communication between all parties involved. It allows data management, filtering efficiently, … In a word, PRIM Logix makes it possible to keep your eyes on the road of transportation.


Do you think of other specific areas in which the functionality of PRIM Logix could bring real added value?


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