What can you do to be more efficient, more mobilized, and more committed to your success as recruiters and head-hunters?

Sep 8, 2021

This week, we lent the keys to our blog to Jean-Pierre Lauzier*,consultant, trainer and speaker, sales, and customer service specialist. He accepted our invitation and shares his advice with us on how to improve performance, mobilization and commitment when working in the temporary or permanent staffing industry.


Performance is not measured by the number of hours worked over a period, but rather by the results obtained. In other words, the performance of an individual, team, or business is assessed by its ability to achieve a goal in the shortest time and with the least amount of effort.


People are too often blinded by their daily tasks and fail to take or take the opportunity to take the necessary time to think about the best ways to improve their performance. Starting today, make the decision to stop your many activities to find the answers to the “why’s”, “why’s of these whys” and “why’s of why’s of these whys”. For example, why are you working? Why are you doing it this way? Why is this the best way? And so on. Even if you don’t immediately find clear answers to these “why’s”, don’t stop wondering day after day; sooner or later you will get strong and powerful motivating responses. These answers will allow you to achieve exceptional performance.


An important distinction exists between performance and productivity. Productivity is doing the same activities faster using ways to increase pace, while performance is about doing the best to get the expected result faster – not by working faster, but by working better.


To improve your performance, here is a performance action plan, in four steps, that I strongly recommend that you implement both in your personal life and in your professional career:


Step 1 : Establish your goals.

Step 2 : Statements of the reasons and motives that stimulate you to achieve these goals.

Step 3 : Develop and execute a plan to reach your goals.

Step 4 : Be disciplined and measure the progress of your results.


Here is a brief description of each of these steps:


Establishing your goals: What do you want as an end and as a result? You need to determine, before you start, where you want to be, or you will be going in circles and that is certainly not how you will improve your performance. This crucial step is undoubtedly too often overlooked or overlooked altogether. If you are a business leader, it is of the utmost importance that your employees clearly understand the goals of your organization, department, and their work, in the short, medium, and long term. A clear understanding of these goals is essential to empower people and, in turn, achieve superior performance from them.


Statements of the reasons and motives that motivate you to achieve these goals : What are the reasons why your goals were established and why you and your team need to achieve these goals? You need to find solid, sincere, and deep answers to this question, because the stronger the answers, the better your chances of achieving your goals. Do these reasons really matter to you and your team? If the answer is a big YES, you are already halfway done, but if the answer is NO, then you must question yourself about the reasons for the no and remedy the situation.


Develop and execute a plan to reach your goals: What will you do to remain rigorous in executing your action plan? If your action plan takes you out of your comfort zone, it will be easy for you not to be rigorous: write your tasks in your diary, use post-it notes in various strategic places, ask your boss to follow up with you regularly, etc. Plus, track your results and measure where you are against your goals: measurement is essential to realign as often as needed.


Be disciplined and measure the progress of your results: Que ferez-vous pour rester rigoureux dans l’exécution de votre plan d’action ? Si votre plan d’action vous sort de votre zone de confort, il vous sera facile de ne pas avoir de rigueur : inscrivez vos tâches dans votre agenda, affichez des Post-it à différents endroits stratégiques, demandez à votre patron de faire un suivi avec vous régulièrement, etc. De plus, suivez vos résultats et mesurez où vous en êtes rendu par rapport à vos objectifs : la mesure est essentielle pour se réaligner aussi souvent que nécessaire.


In your work life, do you know your own goals well? Can you say what are the goals of your organization, of your department? Do you know the underlying reasons for these goals? Are you working with a specific plan of action? Are you improving your actions every week to perform better? If you can answer these questions positively, then I’m not at all worried about your performance, but if not, you’re probably working way too much to get very ordinary results.


The same logic applies in your personal life:


  • What are your life goals?
  • Why do you want to achieve these goals?
  • What is your action plan to achieve them, and are you completing the identified tasks?
  • Maintain rigor in executing your plan and make sure you make more progress every day.


If you want to increase your income, get a promotion, be successful in launching your business, have a more harmonious family life or obtain a better performance from your employees, make the decision now to be a more successful person by religiously following these four steps day by day.


Have a good performance!


Jean-Pierre Lauzier is a consultant, trainer and speaker in sales, marketing, and customer service. He is the author of the book “Le Cœur aux vente”.

Contact :

JPL Communications inc.
450 444-3879

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