What information is needed about a candidate to make an effective investment?

Jul 9, 2015

For a staffing agency, a successful professional marriage results in a match between the candidate’s profile and the needs of the employer. To do this, the staffing agency must demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the needs of both parties. How do employment agencies work? Here is some information on how they collect the information needed to make an effective investment:


A good understanding of the needs of the client company


To create profitable and sustainable employee-employer collaborations, the staffing agency must accurately identify professional and experienced profiles that meet the client’s needs.


To do this, understanding the need of the company is crucial. It is then necessary to cross the candidates’ information and the client’s need in order to obtain additional selection criteria and to identify the available candidates corresponding to the profiles sought.


The PRIM Logix investment software has a parameterization system that allows you to adapt the selection criteria of your customers to the smallest detail. You have the possibility to integrate your own parameters and thus refine your searches to retain only the suitable candidates for the job. You can, for example, know the willingness of each candidate to perform specific tasks and references during previous replacements or the distance between the candidates’ place of residence and the place of work.


Identify important candidate profile information


As with any recruitment process, establishing a relationship between the candidate and the staffing agency begins by sending the candidate’s curriculum vitae and cover letter.


The role of the staffing agency is to confirm the knowledge and skills of the candidate so that recruiters can learn more about their qualifications.


Beyond the curriculum vitae, the staffing agency seeks to obtain a global professional profile of the candidate in order to be able to entrust the appropriate position.


To do this, the staffing agency also highlights the jobs whose requirements correspond to the candidate’s professional skills and aspirations.


By combining the personal information, the professional experience and the professional project of the candidate with the needs of the recruiters, the placement agency connects the affinities between the two parties to realize an effective staffing.


Need help with your candidate staffing process? Ask PRIM Logix experts to find the right solution for your needs.


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