Industrial sector: what challenges do staffing agencies face to remain competitive?

Nov 12, 2021

Industrial employment affects 1.7 million Canadians, and accounts for nearly 11% of the country’s wealth production. For instance, this includes both operators working on production lines for the food or aeronautics industry. They are also the day workers in charge of logistics in warehouses and distribution centres.


Among this myriad of companies, those that use technology to support and optimise their practices are the most effective. For example, inventory management can be done by using sophisticated software. One that seamlessly tracks new orders, shipments, delivery notes, from pallet received to package shipped.


However, when it comes to planning future labour requirements, managing staffing levels and recruiting day labourers, human resources managers still primarily turn to staffing agencies.


Placement in the industrial sector requires responsiveness and a wide range of profiles


For these factory jobs, the temporary staffing agency must be efficient and responsive. Moreover, they must also have a large and varied bank of candidates, if only to satisfy the number of files processed each year for each manufacturing company. Thus, it is essential to assign each candidate as quickly as possible, in line with short-term jobs.


Within the staffing agency, the manufacturing sector can therefore be time-consuming, due to the sheer number of requests and their recurrence. It is at this point that a management software such as PRIM Logix becomes an essential ally. Indeed, our software can not only compile the information of the candidates, such as their contact details, availability, assessments, or their CV : it also take each of them into account as determining criteria to quickly access a pre-selection of ideal candidates.


Does your management software consider soft skills as well as hard skills?


If factory working conditions are fortunately no longer the same in 2021 as they were in 1870, the same is true for the recruitment and assignment of day labourers. In addition to the technical skills (training, diplomas, professional licences) that make up the hard skills, there are also non-technical skills, soft skills, which are becoming increasingly important in the staffing process.


Consequently, having the candidate’s information, as recorded in his or her CV, remains a prerequisite for a relevant placement. But it is no longer necessarily sufficient. How can we keep track of the candidate’s connections? Is it possible to memorise the preferences of a foreman in a constant flow of workers? How to ensure an efficient pre-selection of candidates by considering an internal ranking system to favour rigorous, precise and observant candidates – the most prized when it comes to performing repetitive tasks?


The PRIM Logix management software answers these questions. How? By matching information, criteria, and ranking. It helps therefore solving the headaches of both recruiters and dispatchers. Indeed, the candidates proposed are no longer only those whose keyword in the CV corresponds to the job sought, but also those whose criteria, both technical and non-technical, are the most likely to satisfy the client of the staffing agency.


What impact will the evolution of the industrial sector have on staffing agencies?


The rise of e-commerce and the undoubted success of its spearheads is opening new realities for the industrial sector. And new challenges for staffing agencies.


The temporary staffing process has evolved to meet these new needs. Doing so, it adaptated to an increasingly open job market. Flexibility, immediacy, personalisation of the candidate experience: temporary staffing agencies must be able to count on a powerful management software. Indeed, this software supports them in their daily tasks. Above all, this software must accompany them in a global approach aimed at retaining employees.


How can PRIM Logix management software effectively support staffing agencies in the industrial sector?


Do you want to communicate information about a shift quickly and massively? In addition, do you want to support employees by offering them a dedicated and personalised platform? The PRIM Logix management software knows how to make itself indispensable. It helps you save time and give you peace of mind.


For example, the integration of PRIM Logix software with an SMS sending platform allows the dispatcher to reach hundreds of candidates in an instant. That is to say, without leaving the application management tool. He will therefore keep track of all communication for future reference. With the highest open rate for SMS in mass communication today, it is a key tool in the race against the clock to place candidates in the industry.


In addition, the software allows for the establishment of work team. This feature speeds up the staffing process when dealing with a recurring demand for multiple candidates. In three clicks, a team is formed for a client, who can then be assured of the regular return of satisfied labourers. From the agency’s point of view, this simplifies the assignment. The entire team can indeed be assigned to a request at once, for example in the case of a shift that would be repeated several days in a row.


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